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2017 - 2019 Council Committee Portfolios

There are now four portfolios, down from the previous twelve. This increases the chance that all
committees will meet and accomplish the goals set them.

Community Economic Development

Members include Victor/Sandra, Desmond, Gary, Warner, Clement and Katherine Naziel



Members include Victor/Sandra, Lillian, Archie, Desmond, Gary, Sheri, Clement and Lorena Morris


Finances and Policy (includes Personnel)

Members include Victor/Sandra, Margaret, Desmond, Russell and Lorena Morris


Capital (housing, infrastructure, capital development)

Members include Victor/Sandra, Lillian, Clement, Sheri, Gary and Lorena Morris


Two committees—Child Welfare and Education—meet privately.


Any elder and youth members interested in volunteering their time to these committees should
contact Lucy Gagnon at 250 847-2133.

Organizational Chart