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Kyahwood Forest Products is a 58,000 sq ft (5,400 m2) value-added wood and lumber plant.


Kyahwood Forest Products

The plant can employ over 75 local residents producing up to 26 million bfm lumber when operating at peak capacity.

At the request of Moricetown Band Council, BC provided $160,000 to facilitate an examination of the economic viability of Kyahwood and in developing economic strategies for Moricetown. BC continues to work with Moricetown to secure a long-term timber supply including:

  • A commitment to convert the 50,000 m3 held in temporary licenses to replaceable tenures and to identify another 35,000 m3 of normal saw log or marginal hemlock to bring the total term support to level of 100,000 m3;
  • If desired, the government is prepared to work to identify a geographic area appropriate to establish First Nation Woodland Licence containing this level of cut.


For more information, visit the plant's official website