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Moricetown Interpretive Centre and Museum, 32 kilometres west of Smithers, overlooks the Moricetown Canyon, where Moricetown members fish the rapids of the Widzin Kwah (also known as the Bulkley River).

Moricetown - Salmon fishing in canyonWhat they're catching is several species of salmon. To do this, fishermen (and women) traditionally use either a dip net or a gaff pole. The museum houses artifacts and photographs which tell the story of the Witsuwit’en people, as well as recently-excavated stone tools. The building overlooks the Canyon above the bridge.

The Moricetown Museum and Interpretive Centre is open annually from May to September and offers visitors a glimpse into Witsuwit’en history and culture. If you’re already stopping at the world-renowned Moricetown Canyon, we encourage you to head up the hill and visit.

museum-300x224Sitting on our balcony with a cup of complimentary coffee in hand, you’ll get a bird's eye view of traditional fishing methods. Our Interpretive Centre and friendly staff can also provide you with Witsuwit’en stories. Through photographs, writings, artifacts and recently excavated stone tools, you’ll see the development of our people from time immemorial. Whether you’re in the market for traditional or contemporary art, we also feature the best artists and craftsmen the Witsuwit’en Nation has to offer.

Come get to know the Witsuwit’en nation and community of Moricetown at our RV Site and Interpretive Centre and like us on Facebook.