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The Home and Community Care Programme assists people with chronic or acute illnesses or injuries, to receive the care they need, both in the community and in their homes.


The Programme includes the following services:

  • Home care service: light housekeeping and personal care to elders in the community
  • Acute care: wound care, bandage changes, home visits
  • Elders lunch: community members are welcome every Wednesday at noon in the Old Health Centre
  • Jet tub with assistance programme: every Thursday and Friday from 10 AM to 1:30 PM
  • Diabetes programme: monthly visit with a diabetic nurse, a dietician and a podiatrist
  • Med Assist programme: ensure people who require help taking their medications receive assistance

Did you know?

Your Community Health Nurse, Shelby Ross, can give you a referral for an Occupational Therapist assessment in your home, which will determine what you need to make your home safer! For example, if you have limited mobility, you could receive a referral for getting grab bars installed in your home. Your Community Health Nurse can also provide a referral for an Environmental Health Officer home inspection.

Shelby Ross, Community Health Nurse

Shelby Ross, Community Health Nurse

Shelby Ross is our Community Health Nurse. Shelby visits both Moricetown and Hagwilget in her role, which is to promote and protect the health of the community, while preventing disease. Unlike many who’ve taken on this role temporarily, Shelby has moved to the area and will be a permanent addition to our health care team.

To keep up with clinics Shelby is offering, you can follow her on Facebook under the name Shelby Moricetown Hagwilget.

For more information, contact Shelby at the Health Centre, at (250) 847-9328.