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If you are a Moricetown member and are required to travel for medical reasons, please follow these steps to receive reimbursement from the Moricetown Health Centre:

  1. Drop off your appointment form with the date, time and location of your appointment one week in advance of travel.
  2. The day before leaving for travel you can pick up a cheque for travel expenses and your confirmation of appointment form from the Health Centre.
  3. After your appointment, bring to the Health Centre your confirmation of appointment form, stamped by the doctor visited. This form is required for Health Centre reporting.
  4. Drop off appointment cards for follow-ups and other appointments resulting from your visit as soon as possible (minimum one week prior to travel dates).

Remember that gas vouchers are only provided on an emergency basis, or for elders and people with chronic conditions. Referrals, indicating why medical travel is needed, must be done locally in either Smithers or in Hazelton.