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Post-Secondary Student Support Program


Thank you for inquiring about our Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSP). This program, as administered by Kyah Wiget Education Society (KWES), is available to Moricetown Band members who meet the post-secondary eligibility requirements. For further information, contact the post-secondary counsellor to inquire about education funding, priorities for allocation, types and levels and student responsibilities.

If you are interested in attending college or university for September admission, you must notify us by March 31. All applications will be placed on a priority list; students will be required to submit the following before their file becomes active:

  1. Your official transcripts from high school, college and university.
  2. A letter outlining reasons for seeking post-secondary sponsorship. Indicate the following:

    • Name of program name and current mailing address
    • Dates you will be attending and require sponsorship
    • College I university fees or special supplies (for example, uniforms)
    • An academic plan from a college advisor, including a time line of courses that sets out a completion date reflective of full-time requirements and program length
  4. A copy of an acceptance letter from the public college / university.
  5. A completed post-secondary application for sponsorship.
  6. Your signature on the enclosed Consent to Release form, for future use.

Original applications must be submitted for the student file. Kyah Wiget Education Society will not accept applications through fax or email.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for sponsorship, please direct your questions to the Post-Secondary Counsellor. It is our sincere hope that your efforts to obtain a post-secondary education is a successful one and that the Kyah Wiget Education Society can play a supporting role in your efforts. Good luck with your studies.

Note This information is current as of April, 2018

Post-Secondary Education Application 2018