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The mission of our school is to provide a caring, sensitive and motivational environment for indigenous youth, who live both in Moricetown and in surrounding communities.

This mission is achieved in the following ways:

  • A holistic education without borders, to best meet the emotional, social and academic needs of our children.
  • A safe learning environment, provided in their own community.
  • Eliminating roadblocks by identifying areas of need and constructing a personalized IEP.
  • Allowing students to progress at their own speed, building trust.
  • Keeping a counsellor on site to address deeper emotional needs.
  • Hiring talented staff who come equipped with a diverse set of skills.
  • Hiring indigenous educational assistants from the community, who act as cultural liaisons.
  • Encouraging responsibility and accountability by raising the bar on our expectations for their futures.
  • Building bridges with other communities.
  • Learning about historical art with interactive visits to indigenous artists.
  • Offering retreats and outdoor experiences.


In the spring of 2017, we took a year-end class trip to Osoyoos, B.C. Here is a video of our adventures!