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Patient Travel

Moricetown members who are required to travel for medical reasons need to follow these steps to receive reimbursement from the health centre:

  1. Drop off your appointment form with the date, time, and location of your appointment one week in advance of travel.
  2. The day before leaving for travel you can pick up a cheque for travel expenses and your confirmation of appointment form from the health centre.
  3. After your appointment bring your confirmation of appointment form, stamped by the doctor visited to the health department. This is required for the Health Centre’s reporting.
  4. Drop off appointment cards for follow ups and other appointments resulting from your visit as soon as possible (minimum one week prior to travel dates).

Please remember that gas vouchers are only on emergency basis, or for Elders and people with chronic conditions. Referrals, indicating why medical travel is needed, need to be done locally in either Smithers or Hazleton.

Community Health

The Community Health program supports general personal health for Moricetown community members through:

  • Education - The program increases access to information on a variety of wellness topics through presentations, workshops, and meetups for new moms, elders, and other groups.
  • Advocacy - The program advocates for Moricetown members with doctors and the medical system to ensure Moricetown members have access to care, understand treatment options, and feel confident in their medical experience.
  • Support - The Band operated programs provides health and wellness support to Moricetown members through fundraising, awareness and other programs.
  • Prevention - The Community Health program provides preventative solutions to health concerns in the community: dietary information, good food box program, aquafit and aqua passes.

Make an appointment to speak with Community Health Representative Elaine Morris Stevens about your wellness plan at 250-847-9328

Home and Community Care Program

The Home and Community Care Program assists people with chronic, or acute, illnesses or injuries to receive the care they need in the community and in their homes.

Home and Community Care Programs include:

  • Home care service: light housekeeping and personal care to elders in the community
  • Acute care: wound care, bandage changes, home visits
  • Elders lunch: community members welcome every Wednesday at noon in the Health Centre
  • Jet tub with assitance program: every Thursday and Friday from 10 am – 1:30 pm
  • Diabetes program: monthly diabetic nurse, dietician and podiatrist
  • Med assist program: ensure people who require help taking their medicine receive assistance

Did you know?

Your Community Health Nurse can give you a referral for an occupational therapist assessment in your home, which will determine what you need to make your home safer. For example, if you have limited mobility you could receive a referral for having grab bars installed. Your health nurse can also provide a referral for an Environmental Health Officer home inspection.

Mental Wellness

Moricetown Band is facilitating mental and emotional wellness in Moricetown through advocacy and support. Want to speak with someone, or need support? Call the Health Centre and book an appointment. You do not need a doctor’s referral, we’re here for you when you need us. Minors will require written consent from a guardian.

Service areas or programs:

  • High-Risk Kids and Teens
  • Youth & Family, including couples counselling
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselling
  • Trauma Counselling, individual and group counselling

Dental Wellness

The Children’s Oral Health Initiative COHI is a program targeted to children between the ages of 0 & 7 years, their caregivers and pregnant moms. The program helps prevent tooth decay and supports healthy lifestyles for generations to come.

What we offer:

  • Yearly dental screenings
  • The Fluoride varnish program is for all ages and can reduce decay by 25 to 75%.
  • We do basic treatments such as fillings, extractions, cleanings and much more.

Our resident Dental Therapist, June Hanson, sees status members as required and will provide referrals for further care if it is needed.

Need a check-up? We see all members, so book now! Call the Health Centre: 250-847-9328

For information on First Nations Health Authority Benefits click here

Meet Our Staff

June Wickham, Addictions and Trauma Counsellor

June Wickham, Addictions and Trauma Counsellor

June Wickham provides counselling to youth, families and individuals with a focus in addictions and trauma counselling.

My card reads, Addictions Counsellor, but I add Trauma because that’s the root cause of a lot of the addictions that we suffer. We can all quit but we’ll all relapse if we don’t get to the root.

Addictions are survival skills—a way to cope—to get through the trauma, to numb the pain. There’s no judgement here. It’s just a matter of instilling hope. Having lived through addictions myself, I understand that people need to know and love themselves.

Call the Health Centre (250) 847-9328 anytime during the week and we’ll set an appointment. I don’t believe in waiting lists, because it takes a lot of courage to go to counselling.


Shelby Ross, Community Health Nurse

Shelby Ross, Community Health Nurse

Shelby Ross (née Hemsing and recently married!) is our Community Health Nurse. Shelby visits both Moricetown and Hagwilget in her role, which is to promote and protect the health of the community, while preventing disease. Unlike many who’ve taken on this role temporarily, Shelby has moved to the area and will be a permanent addition to our health care team.
To keep up with clinics Shelby is offering, you can follow her on Facebook under the name Shelby Moricetown Hagwilget.