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WLCS Language Mentorship Programme 2018

Hadïh Skiy ze'

Are you interested in learning Witsuwit'en? The Witsuwit'en Language and Culture Society is offering an opportunity to participate in a four-week language mentorship programme with the support of funding from the National Indian Brotherhood. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the language with the help of a fluent speaker of your choice.

Due to the losses in the nation, we have extended the application deadline to March 7, 2018. Mentorships beginning after this date will only be for three weeks.

Attached are the application and work plan. Though this mentorship is not funded by the First Peoples Culture Council, we have included their mentorship handbook as a useful resource.

Fill out the form below and ensure that both you and your mentor signs and initials all the required sections.

Witsuwit'en Hibikinic bï yets'olhdic (Let's speak Witsuwit'en)!

MAP Application 2018

MAP Work Plan 2018

MAP Handbook 2012 FPCC

Witsuwit'en MAP Program 2018