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Today's guests on In These Mountains are Birdy Markert and Doris Rosso, to whom I posed the question, 'Why is teaching Witsuwit’en to our youth so important?'

Skak ha ba dzeen, or Kids’s Week, was how many of our Moricetown youth spent their March break. It was a great immersion into traditional language and culture activities. Several of the village elders--including Birdy and Doris--jumped in to assist with teaching Witsuwit’en in the mornings. The afternoons were devoted to workshops on beadwork, hunting and trapping, tanning hides and traditional methods for cooking bannock and salmon, again led by village elders.

Birdy describes Moricetown's current language situation as a crisis. The efforts expended by these village members to ensure that their language continues are extraordinary, inspiring, and much appreciated across the generations.

To hear the conversation, tune in to CICK 92.9 FM at noon today (and again at 9 AM tomorrow). Or, you can hear it anytime by visiting www.smithersradio.com and navigating to In These Mountains on the Schedule.

A huge thanks to all elders who made this happen, and kudos to all the youth who attended. You're going to make my heart explode out of my chest from all this determination to succeed, you know.
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The Witsuwit’en Child and Family Centre (WCFC) and the Witsuwit’en Language and Culture Society (WLCS) want to determine how to structure a language nest program to best suit the needs of Witsuwit’en families.

To do that, they're asking for your help! They will be contacting families in the community with a Language Nest Survey to collect information on how best to proceed in Moricetown.

You family’s personal information will be kept confidential and will be used only for the purposes of designing a language nest program. This information will be filed at the WCFC and WLCS and will not be shared with any other organisations or departments.

For more information, contact Charmayne Nikal or Melanie Morin.
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Thanks for sharing this to my feed, Craig Frank Edes.
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